Monday, September 14, 2009

The financial sector in Struggle Street - You must be kidding!

This brief note is to express my curiosity at an announcement today that might be a truer indication of the state of health of the global financial services sector than all the prognoses of expert commentators.

An avowed fan of Liverpool Football Club, I was interested to see that London-based Standard Chartered bank had signed a new four-year shirt sponsorship deal with my favourite club for a reported STG80 million, about AUD $154 million (if you're working in yuan, yen, US Dollars or other, my apologies for not doing the maths).

This follows a recent deal, of which I don't know the value, but which is more than the Liverpool deal, between AON and Manchester United. Admittedly, AON has replaced fellow financial services company, AIG, which probably believed it could not justify spending public money on the deal as easily as it could justify executive salaries and junkets.

The world just gets curiouser and curiouser!

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