Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enjoying writing to myself

Ok so I have no followers yet. That suits me fine, because I'm finding this blogging quite therapeutic. It's more or less a stream of consciousness.

Anyone who has breezed by this blog might picture me as a a grumpy old man, way past his 'retire to pasture' date. It's really quite the opposite. I quite enjoy the anarchy of the web and the way it has slowly dismantled and then redefined customer engagement.

I mean what is wrong with customers defining brands through their interaction with other consumers and organisations? Isn't that really what has happened since the first cave man picked up a club and told another "this bloody thing works you know", unknowingly sowing the seeds of the global weight loss industry by enabling increased food capture and intake?

It's just that we communicate our satisfaction and dissatisfaction more efficiently these days - instantaneously if we want to. In some respects, the web has enabled a form of consumer cowardice, that empowers criticism from behind pseudonyms. But that can be the subject of another blog!

So roll out the feedback. Express yourselves and criticise those brands that disappoint you. But! Try to be fair. Heap praise on those who exceed your expectations.

Having written that reminder to myself, I'll trundle off to think about my last great consumer experience. I may even write another note to tell myself about it!

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