Friday, October 22, 2010

Twitter failures

I searched 'superannuation' in Twitter the other day. It's a sure-fire way of discovering a whole flotilla of dudes that just don't get it. The biggest culprits are those tweeting and retweeting (their own tweets) promoting self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) or DIY super opportunities.

The first page of the search is just full of them. Am I deluded, out of the loop or retarded when it comes to how social networking is supposed to work? I thought it was supposed to be all about dialogue, or at least trying to promote dialogue with other twitterers.

Perhaps we need to go back @DIY super or @SMSF types and tell 'em it just ain't working for us (or them!). Perhaps a conversation at @DIYtwitter might be a good dialogue to open up. But right now, anyone looking for useful information on super on Twitter would be best to find other search terms than the logical 'superannuation', or at least consider filtering to exclude all references to 'DIY' or 'self' in the search.

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