Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Target for Stella sales

Stella McCartney appears to be nearly as popular as her old man - if Australia's leading shopping show, A Current Affair, is any guide. Consumers are just busting their buns to batter down Target's doors and grab a fashion 'name' at a bargain price.

The Stella McCartney strategy of delivering style at an affordable price through a suburban department store chain has been an outstanding success. The reason - exclusivity for Target, street smarts by Stella Mac and her marketing / distribution team. Don't be too proud to sell alongside 6-packs of undies and socks and the kids' toy section. That's where Mums go all the time - lots of eyeballs fine-tuned for style at a discount - and a personal treat.

Compare this story with the Myer and David Jones scenarios, where leading brands battle cheek by jowl for prominence and space - and pay a premium price for the privilege. At the retail level, both David Jones and Myer have invested substantially in upgrading and updating the real estate in which these battles take place. For them store experience is a big marketing focus.

But all Target has to do is do a bit of publicity work about Stella Mac's new range being in the store. No expensive fitouts - just more racks of cloths. And Target's in the 'burbs. 'I'll drop in when I go for coffee.'  I expect we'll see lots of Stella McCartney, or at least her products, over the next few weeks as Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival hits top gear.

Oh. By the way. Did I mention anything about nice timing, Stella?

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