Friday, October 22, 2010

Service with a sale

Old car dealers never die, they just see opportunities. My wife bought a Lexus a few months back. Nice unit with fairly attractive lines - that is until an almost octogenarian truck driver running errands for his son's business decided to hook the rear boot lid of my wife's parked car under his trailer and drag the hapless Lexus into the car parked in front of it. 13 big ones worth of damage!

As the car was new, the boss took it down to the Lexus dealer to have them double-check that there was no underlying damage that the panel beater might miss. Nope. All good. Just make sure the four points align and she'll be right. Their much-relieved customer drove off in her mutated Lexus until ...

Yep. Today the car dealer was back with a bit of extra service advice. For only $16,000 she can trade up from her current new car to an even more current new car ("2011 model" - where are the compliance people on the car industry?). The opportunity to capitalise on the customer's disappointment at having a shattered new car was not lost on this guy!

I'm working through this weekend, afraid to go home in case she's accepted the deal. Talk about service with a sale!

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