Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Testing a potential CEO against brand values

Our CEO resigned yesterday. It got me thinking, not about applying for the job, but rather what sort of person would replace him in a few months' time and what impact that would have on the culture and brand values of our organisation. As I thought more deeply about it, I concluded that, if employees, customers and other stakeholders are comfortable with our culture and brand positioning, the selection process should ensure that our new CEO naturally fits those parameters.

The appointee will no doubt bring their own unique personal and leadership attributes to the organisation but, if the organisation is fundamentally healthy, that individual style should not impact on the underlying values that have navigated and will guide our destiny.

The fascinating overlay on this appointment is that our Board Chairman is only one year into the job and, no doubt, will strongly influence the new appointment. I am sure we will be able to draw more conclusions about the Board's conviction about our brand values, performance and strategy from the choice of CEO than we have been able to from the many staff briefings on Board meetings we have attended over recent years.

Interesting days, interesting days...!

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