Monday, October 5, 2009

Fiji - proof that people are your greatest asset

It's ok folks. Despite a tsunami warning on my last day in Fiji, I'm back. Great place. Great people. But sorry for all the neighbouring Samoans, who appear to be similarly blessed as a community of goodwill. My sincere commiserations to them all. I hope they get their lives back on track as soon as they can, although can you ever do this when you have lost those close to you?

But back to the subject of this entry - people as your greatest asset. I stayed at a resort that shall remain nameless. The point about this from a brand perspective is that, despite abysmal a la carte servings from the kitchen (buffet dinners were ok), starving horses worked to death taking tourists on beach rides and a few other gliches, I would consider going back to this resort.

Why? Well it's not because it is well located, because so are others. The reason is that the people working there were first-class. Ok. Perhaps a little relaxed in true Fijian style, so don't put in an urgent request, but very eager to please and help even the most demanding guests. I won't rattle on about this because I think you'll already get the point. This resort, despite the shortcomings of its product offer was, for me, saved by the attitude of its staff.

It is for them that I would return. There are clear lessons in this for all brand custodians.

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