Friday, October 16, 2009

What happened to the best job in the world?

Remember the award-winning 'Best job in the world' campaign run by Tourism Queensland? Attracted entries from all over the world and a guy from the UK won it. Well, what's happened to it?

Presumably, the aforesaid winner is working his way around Queensland, occasionally parking himself in the penthouse on Hamilton Island to recharge the batteries and contemplate his great fortune. But what about the promotional stuff to flow from it? The beautiful images of Queensland streamed all around the world?

Perhaps I'm in the wrong demographic, but I am a daily user of the web and I haven't seen any follow-up promotion of where I can view this guy's take on Queensland's undoubtedly numerous attractions. And believe me, I drop in on all kinds of websites (no, not those websites you idiot!). I am a great consumer of news from politics down to a diluted round-up of celebrity gossip. The latter is only so I have some vague idea of what my 11-year-old daughter is talking about / listening to when I get home.

But, hey, wait a minute, this all-knowledgeable tweenager living under the same roof as me hasn't mentioned the Queensland reportage either. Must be pitched at a demographic somewhere between me and her.

Alternatively, dare I say it, the follow-up to the campaign hasn't been as good as the campaign itself. If this is the case, it means we just witnessed the execution of the world's most expensive recruitment project!

Cya next week.

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