Saturday, July 7, 2012

Voicing her difference

I have the good fortune to have a 14 year old daughter who helps keep her middle aged Dad at least partially in tune with popular culture. Sorry, wrong - who totally immerses her Dad in popular culture by taking control directly and remotely of every audiovisual device in the household and car.

That's why I spent many consecutive weeks recently tuned into 'The Voice' on the Nine Network. It's an interesting concept. Remove the visual cues from the contestants to make initial selections based solely on 'the voice'. But that's not what this is about.

Over the course of the show, old dudes like me try to look cool by declaring the winner early in the series - sort of lording it over their teenage kids by bringing several decades of music cool and discernment to the task of blowing everyone away with their wisdom. How could anyone who had heard Slade, Kiss and Elton John not be better equipped to assess the contestants than those consumed by Chris Brown, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber? It's a lay down misere...

But these talent shows are really all about who can build their personal brand in the space of a few short months. Happily, I picked Karise Eden to win The Voice way back at her second appearance. If I had as much success at Flemington Racecourse, I would have time to more frequently keep this blog up to date.

Why Karise? Because among the other aspirers to the throne, her voice was absolutely unique. Close your eyes and you could be in one of those ice cool clubs in New Orleans listening revelling in soul. None of the other contestants on the show had the capacity to stamp their unique mark - their brand.

Good luck Karise. Don't compromise. Too many brands fail because they lose their soul.

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