Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tidying up Google's mess

I wrote a couple of pieces on some days off from the normal gig last week. For those who clicked through from Twitter and elsewhere previously, my apologies for the tatty presentation and lack of paragraphs. You can blame me, but I'd prefer it if you blamed it on Google's Blogspot.

When is Google going to get on the pace and ensure bloggers like me can upload properly formatted material from an Apple mobile device, in my case an iPad?

I understandthe Google-backed Androids are locked in an interstellar fight to the death with the iWorld, but I don't appreciate being collateral damage. It's enough to get one thinking about WordPress as a better option, although I understand there's less scope for some of the finer points of formatting like colours, fonts etc.

But if I am continually thwarted in my attempts to bore the world stupid with my blogs, then I will migrate to WordPress. I know it won't change the world, or perhaps even break anyone's sleep, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I took a stand.

Once again, apologies to any readers this week who appreciate the finer points of paragraphing etc. I have now tidied up the page using ancient desktop technology.

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