Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off to the land of affordable cachet

Off to Thailand in a couple of days. A beautiful country without doubt and one in which you can purchase the best of European design at a fraction of the cost. I am certain to see more 'Rolex', 'Omega', 'Louis Vuitton' and other leading brands per metre than almost anywhere else I can think of.

I was with a bunch of people the other week discussing the subject of brand piracy or, more specifically, fake watches. The general consensus was why buy the real thing when you can enjoy the same cachet for a few bucks? And, functionally, the fake products do pretty much the same.

Prestige brands are battling copyright and intellectual property piracy across the world and it's a while since I took a look at the losing battle they're fighting in countries like Thailand. I will return with a summary and, perhaps, a suite of deluxe accessories, in about a fortnight. At least the cheap stuff keeps us under the $400 customs limit!

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