Saturday, May 29, 2010

White House writers from a unique PR club

I never knew this PR company existed - but then again, I am as far removed from the White House as BP's PR right now! From what I can see, the White House Writers Group is a PR half way house for those released from Presidential detention with a pass to offer advice on corporate affairs.

I have no idea how many White House writers there are - a substantial number I should imagine given the scope of issues coverage from Washington's most prestigious home. WHWG is certainly maintaining the tradition of broad scope with an article currently on its website home page entitled "Analyzing Campaign Speech Writing on Norwegian Television".

White House Writers Group is certainly not a brand name that rolls off the tongue, but I have to say, it's a name that needs no tagline or mission statement to spell out its value proposition, experience or service offer. And their website offers free advice and insights - much better than most PR websites that are no more than online brochures that do the profession no justice.

If you're running a PR company, take a look and learn. The sprinkling of original free insights and advice would encourage me to hire this company ahead of many others.

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