Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gazman and Toyotas

My wife rang me at work yesterday from that bloody Gazman clothing store. It was about a jacket... oh, and by the way... there's also a pair of pants on sale... and a SKIVVY!! sort of thing.

This rang serious alarm bells. A 'Sale' sticker is like the lure on a greyhound track to my wife. She'll chase it  all the way to the cash register. Nevertheless, I felt I had to make a stand.

'Unless Gazman agrees to use me in its next male catalogue, I won't be buying any more,' I resolutely responded down the phone, knowing full well there were plenty of more likely candidates. "I'm just about entirely attired in their stuff and I don't want any more!'

It was the return of serve to this comment that really floored me though - especially as I have some respect for brands. "I don't know what's wrong with you. Gazman is one of the best-selling brands in Australia. Everyone buys it."

I couldn't help myself: "Toyota is the best-selling brand in Australia too, but I wouldn't buy a Toyota." The silence was deafening, then: "A Lexus is a Toyota." This would seem a feeble response and would normally prove my point but, instead, it send shock waves through the domestic millpond. My wife has just signed up for a new Lexus IS250 - her new pride and joy - and I had just thumped my volley into the net.

How did I step back from the brink? I agreed to buy the Gazman jacket. If only all purchase decisions were so simple! At least I held ground on the skivvy thing, even though it would look good behind the steering wheel of the Lexus!

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