Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turnbull - not turncoat

Sorry for posting yet another political blog in this branding space, but I think personal brands are interesting. The case in point is Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Turnbull (for those outside Australia, Turnbull is parliamentary Opposition Leader). I should say up front that I am not his biggest fan, but I have to give credit where I believe it's due.

At yesterday's internal party showdown over whether to pass the Government's carbon trading scheme legislation, Turnbull was true to brand in every sense. Having a few weeks ago set the scene for this meeting by saying he wouldn't lead a party not committed to doing something about climate change, he was put to the test yesterday. Not only did he have to gain majority support for the legislative changes negotiated with the Government, he reportedly offered to spill the party's leadership positions several times.

Under pressure, he held his position on both the proposed legislation and his earlier stance on the leadership. Although the intensity of  feeling at the party meeting was immense and there may still be a push to replace him as leader, he has done the only thing credible - remained true to brand. In my humble view, the Aussie public will score him highly for this, whether or not they agree with the carbon trading scheme legislation, or his crash-through or crash leadership style.


  1. Well the Australian public didnt - Turncoat Turnbull who ran the liberal party like it was a branch of Labor was replaced by Abbott who has been true in opposition and despite the MSM propoganda continues to hack of K Rudda spin!

  2. In the end, the Australian public didn't get the chance to vote on Turnbull's stance, so we'll never know!


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