Monday, August 31, 2009

Thoughts about Melbourne's "rectangular stadium"

Everyone knows that Melbourne didn't invent rectangular football stadia, so who was the genius who came up with the sign on Melbourne's new Olympic Park construction site that says "Melbourne's rectangular stadium"?

For those living outside Melbourne, this city is home to that home-grown game, Australian Rules, colloquially referred to as "footy". Footy is played on a large oval playing field, about twice the size of a football (soccer) stadium, but fielding 18 players per team, compared with soccer's 11 per team.

The thing is that Melburnians have not understood the perils associated with rectangular stadia, not least of which is they provide stray cats with four corners to pee in. You never see a stray cat in a footy stadium because of the absence of this feline urine facility. The fact that the Geelong "Cats" play in footy stadia is coincidental to this argument of course. Unless it explains why Geelong players are so quick around the flanks - they're desperately seeking out corners?

But back to the core subject, why the sign on the construction site for the new stadium? Does this mean Melburnians are highly advanced and the first to recognise that stadia can be rectangular, or does it mean we're backward and have to have the shape explained to us? Would it not have been better to think laterally and save money by introducing the concept of soccer and rugby (rugby league's Melbourne Storm is to share this new facility with soccer's Melbourne Victory) played on an oval ground?

In soccer's case, it would have least made decisions about "corner kicks" interesting!

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