Friday, August 28, 2009

Celebrity blogs

I'm just curious and perhaps overly cynical. Nevertheless, I want every celebrity who writes their own blog to confirm it by responding to this blog.

I'm willing to bet I get no responses. What do you think? Can you point me to a celebrity blog that is not a crafted extension of their PR machinery? I mean, if Madonna's in Namibia negotiating a new adoption, or a shrouded Angelina's in Ethiopia handing out grain, how do they get to update their daily blogs?

And I'm not just picking on female celebrities. How does Russell Crowe do his blog (note: not do his block!)? He's surely too busy in body buffing studios (Gladiator) or Weightwatchers' reverse engineering programs (The Insider) to be able to update his blogs.

I'm happy to be proved wrong and - be aware - my BS antenna is finely attuned to PR types who may attempt to place celebrity responses on behalf of their clients. For suspect responses, I may request a personally signed souvenir to kick off the 'monetization' of the BloggosFear (see article below).

Please note that if Angelina, Charlize, Elle or other noted female celebrity wants a to make a date to convince me of their authenticity, they only have to leave their genuine response below and suggest time and place!

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