Thursday, June 17, 2010

Give SBS the Australian tourism gig

If you've been following the World Cup, you may have noticed that, in the breaks between the cacophonic blart of the vuvuzela, SBS has been running a thematic ad with faces from around the world singing 'Let's go play some football.'

It's a simple proposition and exudes passion, happiness, engagement and all those other good things that brands like to associate with. Even my 12-year-old daughter, who's so far into techno music that she thinks Eric Clapton played a silicon chip, thinks the SBS theme is fantastic. Every time it comes on, she starts singing it. 'Catchy' is the word.

Compare this with the Tourism Australia promotion of 'Brand Australia' over recent years and you can see what's been missing. It's cliched, no one gets it, here or overseas and, what's more, none of the campaigns since Paul Hogan's 'Throw a Shrimp on the Barby' are memorable.

If we want someone to get tourists singing Australia's praises, we could do worse than hire the SBS marketing team for the next campaign.

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