Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delivering money to the people

I think I've noted before that communicating financial stuff in layman's terms is real tough - especially with the generous layering of compliance reviews and approvals that go with the territory. So obscure has the message become that I recently decided to put some gloss on the message to remove glaze from the eyeballs.

Yep. I went for celebrity, but credible celebrity. It's that old trick of making sure your high-profile person  aligns with the eyes that behold your message. I hired TV presenter and journalist, Kim Watkins, to front our new website channel, Outperform.TV.

Now before you equate Kim solely with her recent morning talk show gig, 9 a.m. with David and Kim on Network 10 (I use 'Network' because my dear American readers only equate 'Network' with 'national'). NBC is not a 'Channel', but a 'Network' if you get my drift. Don't say I don't appreciate the nuances of entertaining an international audience!

Back to the point though. Kim has finance journalism cred - especially at the popular TV level where I am trying to pitch the message. She was Paul Clitheroe's main sidekick on the high-rating Network 9 Money show in the 1990s and the thing that works for her is an ability to engage with straight-laced finance boffins at the popular level.

Will it work? Hey, it can't be any worse than sending out newsletters! The thing is that you have to try something and, after all, I've always fancied myself as a mini-Murdoch. If I eventually do a computer-generated Kim, I might even become a mini-George Lucas.

Take a look at our website and let me know if you think Kim works.

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