Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A term I hate in marketing

Phew! Am I opening a Pandora's Box or what? I am involved in a major project at the moment and all I hear is the cliched mantra "Under promise and over deliver". I hate it with a passion!

Who thought of this? It's the best excuse I've seen for setting low expectations and then expecting customers to break out in rapturous applause when you deliver the mediocre. What's wrong with setting high expectations and delivering on them - or even exceeding them? From a brand perspective, I admire companies that communicate to me that they expect a lot of themselves, their products, their service - that they set the highest benchmarks for their brand.

If you have any marketing/branding terms that you hate every time they crop up in meetings, comment on them here. Let's out the cliches! Even better, drop a comment on any great lines that you have come up with. You never know, you may have just come up with something that becomes the hated cliche of tomorrow, but at least we'll know who to blame!

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